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Mr Andrew Adamovich is a Founder and Director of AdvanCell Isotopes, a company involved in isotope production for medical uses, and Riverland Capital, a private investment firm. Andrew was a director and shareholder of Yuan Chuan Radio, ASX-listed Hostworks Group, amongst other listed and private companies, in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Australia. Andrew began his career at Peregrine Investments in Hong Kong in 1997 and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr David Barda is an entrepreneur, executive and advisor specialising in technology commercialisation and early-stage ventures for biomedical technologies. David currently heads up business development and innovation at the Garvan Institute in Sydney Australia that leads the world with its work in the areas of genomics, bioinformatics, cancer, and immunology. David previously led a team commercialising medical technologies in Singapore with A*STAR, the national science and technology agency. Prior to this, David has many years of experience founding and consulting to new ventures in the life sciences area with companies such as Anatomics, Saluda Medical and Simavita. David has an Honours degree in Computer Science from UNSW and has a Masters of Intellectual Property Law from Monash University and is an inventor on 24 granted patents. His interest areas include business models for precision medicine, AI for healthcare, genomics, bioinformatics, medical IOT, brain-computer interface, bioelectronic medicine, medical imaging and wearable sensors.

Professor Charles Mackay, an eminent immunologist and highly cited researcher, has received international recognition for major breakthroughs in understanding the role of white blood cells and how they move around the body. His research into leukocyte traffic to inflamed tissues resulted in the development at G2 Therapies of a new antibody treatment (anti-C5aR), now in human clinical trials. He is an internationally recognised authority on chemokines and chemoattractant receptors, and their use as targets for anti-inflammatory therapy and has produced many monoclonal antibodies over the course of his career. He is currently exploring the biological roles of receptors such as CXCR7, CCR6 and CXCR3 at Monash University. Charles did his PhD at Melbourne University, worked at the Basel Institute for Immunology, LeukoSite Inc. and was Director of Immunology at Millennium Pharmaceuticals in Boston USA. In 1999 he joined the Garvan Institute in Sydney as director of the Arthritis and Inflammation Program and where he established G2 Therapies. In mid 2009 Charles moved to Monash University and in 2015 joined Pfizer Inc in Boston USA as CSO Inflammation and Immunology. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Company Secretary & General Manager

Dr Peter Whitfeld has over 30 years’ experience in biotechnology research, development and management. He was most recently the Senior Contracts Manager in the Legal Office at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, having previously been a senior manager in the Partnerships and Business Development Office at Garvan. Peter managed the C5aR program at G2 Therapies, lead the team responsible for humanising G2's therapeutic antibodies and worked with Novo Nordisk to further develop the anti-C5aR mAb for clinical trials. Prior to joining G2 and the Garvan, Dr Whitfeld held senior research and managerial positions at GroPep and Biotech Australia. He held post-doctoral research positions at CSIRO, Fox Chase Cancer Center and Prince Henrys Institute for Medical Research after completing a PhD at the Australian National University, Research School of Biological Sciences.


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