G2 - Discovery based biotechnology company, specialising in the development of monoclonal antibody based pharmaceuticals
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G2 is a privately funded biotechnology company esablished in 2002 to develop and commercialise novel antibody based therapies in inflammation and cancer. The company is based at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, one of the largest medical research institutes in Australia.

One of G2's founding scientists, Professor Charles Macaky is a leading expert in the biology of inflammation and the company focussed on antibody discovery and development programmes for treatment of auto-immune and other inflammatory conditions.

G2 used novel techniques to raise potent neutralising antibodies to the entire cell surface target of several 7-transmembrane domain chemoattractant receptors (GPCRs). G2's approach to generating antibodies enabled it to raise superior antibodies to chemokine receptor targets which have proven difficult to inhibit using conventional approaches. The company has raised antibodies to targets such as C5aR, CXCR1, CXCR2, CXCR3, CCR6 and C5L2 and has successfully humanised several antibody leads. Suitable therapeutic candidates have been validated in appropriate animal models.

To advance its discoveries into the clinic, G2 has out-licensed or assigned rights to all its therapeutic leads.




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